Gangsta Rapper

Please see weekly overview for assigned reading

Format:  Your response should be two paragraphs and provide evidence from our assigned texts to support your answers (do not use outside sources).

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Gangsta Rapper
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Make a claim: I’d like you to try to begin each answer with a claim. The claim should state clearly what your position is and organizes the evidence you’ll use to support that position. Claims are arguable, meaning that they are complicated enough that someone could disagree with your position. A non-claim is a statement already widely accepted.

  • Non-claim:  Tupac was a famous rapper in the 1990s.
  • Claim:  In the 1990’s, Tupac was wrongly characterized by the media as a “gangsta rapper,” but he was a socially conscious artist.

(You can see that the second example contains an opinion that not everyone holds. Not all would agree that Tupac was a socially conscious artist. Making a claim helps organize your answer because you need to show the reader why they should agree with your position. You convince them by selecting and explaining evidence from the assigned materials).


Quotes: When including quotes, make sure to identify the person who is speaking and the source (even if it’s in the documentary). You do not have to include the time the quote appears in the documentary. However, when you are quoting from the readings, please include page numbers. Make sure to also take a minute to “unpack” or explain what the speaker or author is saying in your own words. This will help me understand why you’ve chosen the particular quote.


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