From Summary to Synthesis

Week 10 – Assignment A – FIAW Ch. 7 “From Summary to Synthesis Pt. 1”

Read and annotate Chapter 7 “From Summary to Synthesis,” pages 138-156, in From Inquiry to Academic Writing.

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From Summary to Synthesis
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Write a 250 word summary of the main points you will use in writing your ess’ay.


What is left out? You should check further into some of these links, reading the sources cited and keeping in mind the four criteria for evaluating
a claim-recency, relevance, accuracy, and reliability. Because you cannot
be certain that Internet sources are reviewed or monitored, you need to be
scrupulous about examining the claims they make: How much and what
kind of evidence supports the writer’s (or site’s) argument? Can you offer
In the last analysis, it comes down to whether the information you find
stands up to the criteria youîe learned to apply as a critical reader and
writer. If not, move on to other sources. In a Web-based world of information, there is no shortage of material, but you have to train yourself not to
settle for the information that is most readily available if it is clearly not




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