Friction, Pulleys with Limits Check and Units Check

I really need help with this. I’m bad at physics and I don’t understand what these questions are asking! I need help with the answers and I NEED you to provide and explanation and the right formulas to use. The worksheet with the questions you need to answer is in the PDF document titled “Worksheet with Questions 2”. Please draw the representation too. Your drawing and answers can be in the same document or separate. If you need to know what the filled out worksheet should look like, open “Perfect Homework Example”. For the question that asks what physics concept should be applied, just look at the PDF “Physics Concepts” for a list of concepts, and you will just choose 1 that works best for the worksheet question.

Please explain all the questions but when you write your explanations, can you be sure to please explain:

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Friction, Pulleys with Limits Check and Units Check
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1) How do you do the algebra work without plugging in numbers? How do you know what are the next steps to take without plugging in numbers?

2) What is a units check and how do you do it?

3) What is a limits check and how do you do it?

**please type out your answers in case I can’t read your handwriting. But the representation can be drawn and inserted into a document.

Thank you!


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