Francis Minguez

How do you think ONE of the stories would be different if it were written from the perspective of another character?

All source materials are attached.

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Francis Minguez
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Francis Minguez Week 3 Discussion

One of the stories that striked me to be written very contrasted with a different character perspective was “The Cask of Amontillado” by Allen Poe. If the story were written by Furtunato there would be very different emotions and thoughts written throughout the story. The central idea, and the narrative arc, was about vengeance and assassination that was revealed from Montresor ‘s viewpoint. Although the story might have looked like vengeance, to someone who betrayed Montresor, that might seem like senseless assassination to others. The narrative can also be viewed as a story of a friend’s disloyalty if Fortunato did tell it. Montresor, a dishonest individual, whose target is Fortunato, follows the story from his perspective. When it is told from his viewpoint, we may understand more why Montresor views him that way and the true feelings he experiences when he is continuously getting treated poorly. Unless the tale was presented from anyone connected to Montresor ‘s viewpoint, his real nature may have been seen rather than how he thinks about himself.


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