Formal Write up physics lab.

Formal Write up

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Formal Write up physics lab.
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What is acceleration due to gravity?

  • Mass independence
  • Height dependence
  • Show that g=9.8m/s^2 using G= 6.67 x10^-11 Formula: Fg=GM/r^2

There are companies out there that are interested in determining ā€œgā€ accurately? What techniques do they use? (Make a research) These companies are researching g in the 3rd decimal point.


  1. Equipment-list, picture specification
  2. Procedure

Results and Discussion

PART A: Position vs time graph (plug the information of the graph in the excel and place the graph in the word document-comment on shape of graph and whether it is consistent with kinematic equation y-yo=Voyt+1/2ayt^2. In excel do 2nd order polynomial trend-line fit and find acceleration due to gravity from trend line equation). EACH TABLE NEEDS TO HAVE A GRAPH

Table 1

Time P(cm)
0 0
1/40s 1.1
2/40s 2.9
3/40s 5.8
4/40s 8.1
5/40s 11.8
6/40s 16.7
7/40s 19.9
8/40s 25
9/40s 30.4
10/40s 36.5
11/40s 43.9
12/40s 50.7
13/40s 58.6
14/40s 66.6
15/40s 75.3
16/40s 84.6
17/40s 94.5
18/40s 104.4
19/40s 116

Table 2 acceleration(cm/s^2) from trend line eq. over %error (accept value 980cm/s^2)

PART B: Velocity over time

Table 3

Graph 2 on excel velocity over time. Comment on shape of graph and is it consistent with kinematic equation V=Vo+at ? Do a linear trend-line fit to determine acceleration from trend-line equation.

Table 4

Conclusion: Comment on the obtained acceleration values and explain why it might be different.  


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