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Your research proposal for this particular assignment should consist of a 1 page summary of what you plan to argue and pursue/explore in your paper. Discuss the issue and why it is important and relevant to the paper prompt.

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After your 1 page summary, you should then cite (in MLA formatting) 2 possible research sources you have found in library databases or books. (Note: These should be books or (preferably) scholarly journal articles–not blogs, newspaper articles, op-eds, etc. Those can be engaged in your final paper, but do not count as one of the official sources.) For each of your 2 sources, describe in 3-5 sentences how you plan to use the source in your paper. What purpose does it have? How do you expect that it will relate to your argument? (Obviously, this means that you will have read, or at least reviewed, 2 articles before you even begin writing your paper.)

Below is just an example of one annotated citation:

Maak, T. (2007). Responsible Leadership, Stakeholder Engagement, and the Emergence of Social Capital. Journal of Business Ethics74, 329-343. Print.

This article focuses on the role of social capital in responsible leadership. It looks at both the social networks that a leader builds within an organization, and the links that a leader creates with external stakeholders. Maak’s main aim is to persuade people of the importance of continued research into leadership. The article will provide useful background information on the topic of responsible leadership and definitions of social capital which are relevant to my own argument about the role of social networking in strong leadership.


The purpose of a Research Proposal is to give you a chance to see your argument on paper to be sure it makes sense and seems appropriate before writing the first draft. It will also give me a chance to intervene if you are on the wrong track or if I can be helpful in some way. Please do not save this assignment for the last minute; give it some serious thought!



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