Focus on the Paula Cortez case study for this Discussion

Worldviews, i.e., paradigms, govern the approach to research, i.e., quantitative or qualitative methodologies, and must not be confused with the role of theory in research. Read the editorial by Suddaby found in the Additional Resources of this Unit, and consider that much debate exists among practitioners and scholars as to role of theory in research; it is no wonder theory as used in research is so difficult to grasp. For applied business research at Concordia, we follow the views expressed by Creswell. Theory guides the researcher with respect to the foundational elements of the study, such as the study’s problem, purpose, research questions as well as the meanings ascribed to the collected data, by relating variables (quantitative research) or conceptualizing phenomenon (qualitative research) (Creswell, 2014, Chapter 3).

Working with research you have accumulated on your topic, select three articles that you find insightful, and identify theories espoused by these researchers. How do these researchers explain their theories as framing their view of the problem, purpose, and research questions used in their studies? Do you agree or disagree with these views, i.e., are the theories and foundational elements of the studies aligned? Post your analysis in a 250-word or less posting in the discussion making sure to provide correct APA citation and references for your articles so that others may review your sources.

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Focus on the Paula Cortez case study for this Discussion
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