Flextime, Telecommuting, and Sabbaticals

According to a Salary.com survey, the ability to work from home and flexible work schedules are benefits

that would entice us to stay in our job. [2] The ability to implement this type of retention strategy might be

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Flextime, Telecommuting, and Sabbaticals
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difficult, depending on the type of business. For example, a retailer may not be able to implement this,

since the sales associate must be in the store to assist customers. However, for many professions, it is a

viable option, worth including in the retention plan and part of work-life balance.

Some companies, such as Recreational Equipment Incorporated, based in Seattle, offer twelve weeks of

unpaid leave per year (beyond the twelve weeks required under the Family and Medical Leave Act) for the

employee to pursue volunteering or traveling opportunities. In addition, with fifteen years of service with

the company, paid sabbaticals are offered, which include four weeks plus already earned vacation time.


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