This is a Fixing Cultural/Societal Problems Essay; you will pick a specific problem YOU see in our culture/society to focus on.

  1. MUST be a total of5-6 FULL pages in length


  1. This is aFixing Cultural/Societal ProblemsEssay; you will pick aspecific problem YOU see in our culture/society to focus on.

You may believe that our planet is in trouble due to pollution & the gross amounts of trash humans produce per year. This could be seen as a cultural problem due to Americans being taught to be consumers from the womb & one doesn’t have to look far to see how society views littering & polluting as a whole.

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This is a Fixing Cultural/Societal Problems Essay; you will pick a specific problem YOU see in our culture/society to focus on.
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First:   Introduce your topic (intro ¶ & thesis), prove that the problem is real/give brief history&explain                why it should betaken seriously. (body paragraphs)
Then: Tell us what solutions/fixes have already been tried, by whom, & why they aren’t completely                    eradicating the problem. (body paragraphs)

Next:   Present & logically explain your new & unique idea to help fix/solve this issue; MUST be at                                  least ¾ of apage of the paper in total.

Last:    The solution section is NOT your conclusion! The conclusion of the paper should represent the                             entire paper: remind us why this topic is important & why we should care; reiterate your thesis,                             but not verbatim; and wrap up the essay.

REMEMBER:  This is an ideology essay, so always ask yourself:

  1. What are the messages I am getting about the way things “ought to be” or what is “right & true” beliefs accepted by the general public?
  2. How am I getting these messages? (e.g. TV shows, commercials, sermons)
  3. Who is benefitting from these messages?
  4. Who is being “hurt” by the messages?


  1. SIX credibleSOURCES (minimum) are a requirement. Remember WebMD, Wiki, & all dictionaries AND encyclopedias are not credible source. (You are required to useIvy Tech’s library to research.)


  1. You MUST turn in aWorks Cited pagewith your rough drafts & final paper. THREE of the ENTRIES MUST BE ANNOTATED; you will be taught the proper formatting in class. (This also means you must bring your sources in hardcopy form to class for every rough draft, and this is part of the rough draft #1 grade.)


  1. You must useONE(no more, no less) properly formatted long quote (MLA); the only difference is that you will single space the long quote.


  1. You MUST use one properly formatted subtitle.


  1. The solution section is worth 50pts.


  1. The words “I” & “you” are NOT permitted in your papers unless it is in adirect quote. The word “it” may be used 1x per ¶.


  1. Margins: top & both sides should be 1 inch; bottom should be set to .5; also, do not forget to turn your “widow/orphan” off & to click/mark the “do not add space between paragraphs of the same style” option.


  1. Font & Size of Font: Times New Roman, 12pt font. (ALWAYS)


  1. The heading will be single spaced, as shown in class; the rest of the essay is double spaced.


  1. You MUST bring two copies of your rough draft andall sources each day we peer edit.


  1. You MUST upload all rough drafts, final drafts, works cited pgs, AND sources to Canvas.


  1. Late or short drafts & papersARE NOT ACCEPTED.


DUE DATES FOR PAPER #3: See Syllabus for ALL due dates.


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