Fitbit and Garmin

Edney, S., Bogomolova, S., Ryan, J., Olds, T., Sanders, I., & Maher, C. (2018). Creating engaging health promotion campaigns on social media: observations and lessons from Fitbit and Garmin. Journal of medical Internet research, 20(12), e10911.2The marketing strategies in the health insurance plans are the same as those in other sectors with low marginal cost strategies, high profitability strategies, the use of cost centers, that is, specialist offices which take patients away from the primary care office but at no extra cost, cost containment strategies. However, the health insurance companies have different aims and are organized differently. They are profit-seeking entities, actively seeking growth through the provision of health insurance cover to their clients. Health insurers are also tightly constrained by the law regarding how they can provide insurance to their employees (Colón-Morales et al., 2021). They use market segmentation to identify the clients most likely to purchase the product and to set a target market price. The health insurance companies in most states regulate the marketing techniques employed by their members. Since the law requires that all employers provide health insurance to their employees, most employer-sponsored insurance is defined by federal law as offering group or individual policies with sharply defined benefit designs to encourage an employer pooling of resources, rather than a single pooling of individual workers (Grose et al., 2021).

The marketing strategies in the health insurance plans are the development of strategies to counter the development in the markets of new service products and to develop special marketing mixes for these products that appeal specifically to the consumers they most attract. The development of such strategies is a continuous process that has to do with the evolution of the market at some point in time. However, the intensity of the competition in certain markets will depend on the size and the complexity of the firms in the market and their capabilities (Grose et al., 2021). In order to react effectively to a certain development or event, which might happen regularly, the team must have some way to communicate its ideas to all its parts. However, this is not very productive. The idea is not communicated well, and ideas are sometimes not even circulated to all the team members or only some people. Thus, the communication process must focus upon those aspects that have the greatest influence on the company’s future success and are most likely to lead to the achievement of the goal (Colón-Morales et al., 2021).

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Fitbit and Garmin
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