Financial planning and wealth management: Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

1. Each group (up to 2 students per group) selects a topic on financial planning and wealth management. You need to choose a title for the term paper. The topic should be of interest to the group and the rest of the class. It should be directly tied to the course with an in-depth analysis and discussion. 2. Focus on a specific topic and perform a detailed analysis.

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Financial planning and wealth management: Retirement Planning
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You may include data and graphs to support your claims. Do not cover everywhere without any specific content. The reader needs to get some takeaway information after reading your paper. Tell a story and leave an impression. 3. Be original in your paper. If you quote from any source, online or offline, you need to cite the source. Blackboard’s SafeAssign (you will receive the link later) will show a matching score before submission.  The group term paper is an MS Word file with at least 3,000 words. Please follow the directions carefully and make sure the topics in the powerpoint align with the paper.


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