Financial Markets and Interest Rates

  • Review Chapter 1 of Foundations of Financial Management and respond to the following questions provided:
    1. Distinguish between the money and capital markets.
    2. What is an investment banker, and what major functions does that person perform?
    3. Identify and describe three distinct ways that savings are ultimately transferred to businesses in need of cash.
    4. Define the term “structure of interest rates.”



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Financial Markets and Interest Rates
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  • Your responses should be 50–100 words for each question. They should demonstrate your understanding of the concepts at hand. You do not need to use APA formatting for this assignment. However, your ability to communicate your points clearly and concisely, demonstrating professional-level writing skills, will impact your grade.
  • When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself and submit a copy to your instructor by the end of the workshop.


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