Financial Goals

Please provide a comprehensive answer to the following question sets (1-4):


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Financial Goals
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Setting goals is one of the steps of the financial planning process. Provide some examples of financial goals that may be important for a family.

Select one goal that is important to you and briefly discuss how this goal will influence your future financial planning.


Certain behaviors can either assist or hamper reaching financial goals . One such negative source is not controlling or being unaware of spending habits.

Review your own personal spending over the past few months. Identify sources of “money leaks”. (A “money leak” can be defined as an “unbudgeted” expenditure – to include going beyond the budget set for the item) .

Did the extent and/or category of the money leak surprise you?

What might you do to control future money leaks?

For reference , here are some short articles on money leaks:

Time (Links to an external site.)

Mint (Links to an external site.)

US News (Links to an external site.)


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