The purpose of this assignment is for you to select a company to invest in the near future. Therefore you
are required to write a brief report of approximately 5,000 words, using sources from relevant journal,
articles and textbook and prepare the report based on the following recommended format and contents.
You are required to:
Select a company from Bursa Malaysia. (The students should seek approval from the lecturer on the
company that he or she has selected and this is on first come first serve basis. No student is allowed to
choose the same company.)
The format and content of the report as shown below can be used as a guideline:
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Company’s background
1.2 Company’s announcement
1.3 Business model and selection
1.4 Company’s announcement and its effect on financial performance
and corporate sustainability
2.0 Qualitative Analysis / Environment and Industry Analysis
2.1 Current Economy Overview
2.2 Industry Overview
2.3 Legislation, incentive and policy
2.4 The Competitive Forces Analysis/Porter’s Five Forces
2.5 SWOT Analysis
3.0 Financial Analysis
3.1 Trend Analysis 5 year revenue /profit /PPE after tax figure
3.2 Accounting Analysis / Analysis of cash flow statement
3.3 Ratio Analysis
3.4 Stock performance and valuation
4.0 Conclusion
4.1 Recommendation
4.2 Limitations
5.0 References
6.0 Appendices

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