Financial Analysis Graphs

While writing responses to the prompts below, you may need to refer back to the budgets and graphs you created in the Assignment 3 Financial Analysis Graphs Excel Template. Make sure you have completed your budget before completing this portion of the assignment.


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Financial Analysis Graphs
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  1. Explain why you chose these particular graphs or charts. How do the graphs or charts you created help someone understand the financial data?


[Write your response to Question 1 here.]


  1. Discuss the results of your financial analysis, including overall progress toward savings goals, potential changes in your budget that can be made in the future, and possible economic or life impacts that may affect your budget in the coming year.


[Write your response to Question 2 here.]


  1. Reflect on what your financial analysis might reasonably look like in a year, taking into account income growth and inflation of consumer prices.
    1. What economic trends might you want try to account for when making your projection?
    2. How could you try to plan for unexpected expenses when making your projection?


[Write your response to Question 3 here.]



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