Final Assignment

Research Proposal: Final Assignment Instructions

The purpose of the Research Proposal: Final Assignment is to ensure you appreciate the challenge of setting up an effective research plan, consider the context, research questions, sources, timeline, integrated implications, analysis, and writing required. Building a proposal will demand you work through all the research stages explored throughout the course including: clarifying the research question; designing the research; reviewing relevant scholarly literature, data collection, preparation and examination; analyzing the data; and reporting on the research.

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Final Assignment
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Using the Research Proposal: Topic Assignment that has been approved, build a comprehensive research proposal on that topic.

The Research Proposal: Final Assignment should use the following outline/structure and follow the suggested quantity of content for each element:

·        Title – clear, concise and well-defined to explain your research question.

·        Executive Summary – short summary of 100-250 words that includes the research question, hypothesis of your research, the research methodology and findings.

·        Introduction (>200 words) – provide a background or context related to your research problem. It should include the purpose, background, significance, issues, variables and hypothesis.

·        Problem statement (< 100 words) – clearly state the specific problem down to something that is researchable. Present it in a thesis statement and a hypothesis.

·        Literature Review (1000-1300 words) – conduct extensive background research and support your research question with ample proof from scholarly, peer reviewed sources.  credible sources and research.  There is additional help on literature reviews below in the section titled Additional Help.

·        Importance/Benefits of the Study (>250 words) – describe the explicit benefits

·        Research Design (>400 words) – explains the phases of the research, sampling design, participants, data collection design, instruments, procedures, ethical requirements, etc.

·        Nature and Form of Results (>250 words) – explain the anticipated form for the results to include the types and format of data to be presented for the expected audience.

·        Budget (>150 words) – summary of costs and expenses necessary to conduct the research.

·        Schedule (>150 words) – summarize the major phases, timelines, milestones and primary deliverables.

·        Ethical considerations (>200 words) – must carefully consider data collection processes and participant rights.

·        Implications and considerations (>200 words) – identify at least 2 implications and 2 limitations of the proposed study.


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