Field of Medicine

Some questions you may want to consider while writing this essay are:

1. Why have you selected the field of medicine?

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Field of Medicine
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2. What motivates you to learn more about medicine?

3. How have you demonstrated your interest and commitment to your decision?

4. What experiences have allowed you to develop the skills necessary to be successful in medical school and to become an effective physician?

5. Did you have any exposure to role models who influenced your decision? Which of their attributes inspired you?

6. Are your perceptions of the medical profession realistic?

7. What are your professional goals?

8. Is there anything you wish for medical schools to know about you that hasn’t been disclosed in other sections of the application?

In addition, you may wish to include information such as:

· Unique hardships, challenges, or obstacles that may have influenced your educational pursuits.

· Commentary on significant fluctuations in your academic record that are not explained elsewhere in your application.


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