Feasibility Analysis

Every entrepreneur should complete a feasibility study before writing a full-blown business plan. While preparing the feasibility study you may uncover information that helps you fine tune or refocus your idea(s), or you may conclude that the business simply is not feasible. This document describes your feasibility study.


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Feasibility Analysis
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When conducting your feasibility study, do not exaggerate or misrepresent who you are, your capabilities, and facts of the business. As in real life, your plan will be penalized if you make factual statements that you cannot substantiate. For example, do not say you has conducted a market survey that you have not done, and please represent your experience and skills accurately.


Feasibility Study Outline and Evaluation

The Feasibility Study outline is intended to help you complete your study in a logical manner. Answering these questions will help you put together the essential elements of the study. In this early stage of idea development, understand that you will have only part of the information needed to build a solid business plan. Nonetheless, use your best judgment and research skills to thoroughly answer all of the questions.


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The feasibility study should include:


1. Business Concept

1. Industry Analysis

1. Financial Plan

1. Feasibility Decision

1. Bibliography


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