Fear and Governmentality

What is the “War on Terror”?

 – Both military and non-military practices, led by the US, with the purported purpose of combating or eliminating the threat posed by al Qaeda (then) but now also ISIS etc.

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Fear and Governmentality
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 – Goal of eliminating terrorism, but in particular, terrorism committed by those purporting to be doing so in the name of Islam

• What distinguishes the “War on Terror” from the Cold War or from WW1 and WW2?

• Not state-to-state

• Enemy is not clearly defined

• End goal is not clearly defined

• Military “solutions” to non-military “problems”

• What is “Security”?

• Security is an essentially contested concept

• What is to be “secured” and how?

• State security?

• Human security?

• Security as a relational concept rather than a concrete condition


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