Pick a different FBI Part I crime (i.e., violent or property crime) and summarize the following:

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a. What state is this? Use Minnesota

b. What crime is this?

c. What time frame is this?

d. When was this particular crime rate the highest, and what was that rate?

e. When was this particular crime rate the lowest, and what was that rate?

f. Do you notice anything about the trend (i.e., increasing, decreasing, stable over time)?

g. How does this particular crime rate in the state compare to the US?

h. Offer at least one explanation for the change in this particular crime rate over time

Write a one-paragraph summary of the information above

2. Next, move down screen and find the National Incidence-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) data

3. Using your particular Part I crime from above and summarize the following:

For offenders and victims:

a. Most common age group (i.e., report group and percent)

b. Sex distribution (i.e., percent)

c. Most common race/ethnic group (i.e., report group and percent)

In addition, identify the following:

a. Most common category of “Location Type”, and percent

b. Most common category of “Victim’s relationship to the offender”, and percent


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