Fatty Acids

1. Fatty acids have different chemical properties due to the number of hydrogens that are attached to chain of carbons. If the maximum number of hydrogens are attached, then the fat is called ___________________ , and if there are fewer than the maximum attached, then the fat is called ________________.

2. Functions of triglycerides (fats): 1) energy storage in animals (>2.5X the energy of the same volume of carbohydrates), 2) padding, 3) ________________ , and floatation (sharks, diatoms)

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Fatty Acids
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3. Trans-Fats and Cardiovascular Health

a. Trans-fats (a type of fat, or lipid)

b. Are made by adding hydrogen to unsaturated fats, a process called hydrogenation.

c. Are used to increase food shelf life and flavor/texture.

d. May cause worse health effects than saturated fat in an individual’s diet.

e. FDA now requires trans-fat labeling on foods and in restaurants.


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