Family Theories

Family Theories


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Family Theories
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1. 1 Full Page

Think about a potential issue (or problem or experience) that is very likely to occur in the life of a family OR a group of parents that you are working within your future job as a family professional. Then identify (cite) and discuss a strategy that you might use to help the parent(s) resolve the issue.


Example of a family: The 18-year-old son tells his parents that his girlfriend is pregnant, and he wants to marry her. By the way, he is Hispanic, and she is White and 22 years old.


Example of a group of parents: a group of girls is bullying another girl, or a group of teenagers is working together to cheat on their science tests (all year).


a. Name the issue/problem/experience:


b. Your strategy for helping (only one citation is required for this answer). After you identify the strategy, the rest of the answer can be your opinion!


2. 1 Full Page. Consider a key idea that really challenged your thinking or really caused you to think differently about the above issue. Please cite the key idea and then talk about how this key idea will shape your future as a family professional.


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