Family Styles

Learning Goal: I’m working on a rocket science exercise and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.


We will be using textbook, Families, Schools, and Communities

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Family Styles
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Author : Chandler Barbour, Nita Barbour, Patricia A. Scully

You may order the 6th edition ISBN: 9780133441Please read about the different types of family units in your module section.

1. Choose two different family styles and write 5 pros and 5 cons regarding each family unit.

Please be thorough in your answers!

You will need to give examples for each pro/con. Some things to consider – How will the family unit impact the child? How does money affect the family? Who will be the role model in the family? What is the effect of having a broken family? Does education have an impact on the family unit?

2. Write a paragraph about your own family unit. What type of family did you grow up in?

Did your parents work? Who did the cooking and cleaning? Did your parents push you to go to college? What was the economic status of your family unit? How did cultural aspects influence your family – language, holidays, traditions, food? Please provide examples of your own experience and how your family has influenced your life.


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