FamCation Relational Model

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FamCation Relational Model.

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FamCation Relational Model
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*Convert FamCation Resort EERD into Relation1.Follow data integrity constraint requirements2.Transforming from EERD to relations via the 7-step process. You DON’T need to show the process step by step, just show the final result.3.Draw the diagram with links from foreign keys to other entities similar to the example below. Underline and bold the primary key. Underline foreign keys with a dotted line. If the foreign key is also a primary key of the entity, only bold and underline the attribute with a solid line.

*Create your own drawing similar to the example.

* We are using Crow’s foot ERD notation with indicates cardinalities, identifiers, etc. in this class.

* Attached a picture of my last HW, please have a look on how it has been solved. USE THE SAME NOTATION.



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