Falls in the Elderly Population



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Falls in the Elderly Population
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Falls in the Elderly Population

Evidence-Based Article Search

Total Time allotted: 1 hour


Student Instructions: Use this document to record your participation in clinical activities. This document will be uploaded at the end of your clinical day (or emailed to your course instructor) as proof of attendance and participation.


Assignment: Evidenced Based Article Search


Assignment Instructions: Evidence-based nursing care is integral to the nursing profession. To complete this activity, you will need to find Evidenced Based articles from scholarly sources with publish dates within the past three years. You will write up what you learned from your article and educate your clinical group about how it applies to Nursing Care of the Older Adult. Five to six (2-3) sentences are required for each topic completed.



Fall Precautions Fall Statistics

Fall Prevalence

Polypharmacy in relation to falls


**All articles need to be written within the past 5 years**


Topic 1:

Article Summary:






APA Citation:
















Topic 2:

Article Summary:






APA Citation:




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