Fairy Tale Story Cultures Discussion Assignment

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Fairy Tale Story Cultures Discussion Assignment

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Fairy Tale Story Cultures Discussion Assignment
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By looking at what the stories have to show us about the cultures telling the stories, I ask that you pick just two stories from The Golden Book of Fairy Tales. The stories may be similar (or variants) but don’t have to be. You are looking for things like food, traditions, clothing that reinforce what the culture thinks is important or what we can learn about the culture.

For instance, in the Native American Cinderella, Little Burnt Face makes clothes out of birch bark, wears her father’s moccasins, and the test is that she sees a rainbow and the Milky Way when others see more conventional materials. In some versions, the sisters are “punished” by becoming birch trees. What do these things show us about this Native American culture?

In Perrault’s French Cinderella, Cinderella wears glass slippers, jewels, and fine clothes. Both at the ball and after she is revealed, she is kind to the sisters, so the sisters aren’t punished in any way. What do these things show us about the French culture at the time?

While these stories compare in the overall plot and style, they show us different things about what the cultures value. See what I mean? So you pick 2 stories, each from a different culture, in the fairy tale book. There are German, French, Japanese, Danish, Russian stories to choose from.


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