Facing Effects of Trauma

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Facing Effects of Trauma
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Facing effects of trauma is the challenge I chose in regards to culturally diverse background students.  Trauma may occur in many different type of ways. Our class reading stated “there are traumas from such things as physical assaults, sports injuries, and accidents involving automobiles, bicycles, skateboards, and boats.” Trauma may also occur in things you have viewed growing up in a particular environment. For an example, seeing people sell drugs and being affected by the drugs can leave some bad vibes in your mind. Or, seeing dead bodies and people getting shot for being at the wrong place, wrong time. Also, having to grow up to fast can cause trauma on a person as well. Growing up fast by taking care of your siblings because no one else is home to care for them, or having to find ways to make money for survival.  Those types of trauma’s have its advantages and disadvantages of inclusion in a regular classroom environment. The biggest disadvantage when it comes to the effect of trauma is whether or not a student have the motivation to continue attending school. Even, when a student attend school, how will they began to focus with so much trauma in their head and heart? However, trauma has some advantages that can carry a student further than their peers. Trauma in most cases build character and the will to continue no matter what is thrown at you. Having been through the struggle, a person knows how to fight for what they want and not give up so easy. Students mature in life more if they can make it past the struggles they live through and the things they have seen. School is the stepping stone to getting out of a bad situation for a student stuck in poverty or negative surroundings. Being inclusive at school in so many ways can save a students life that has been effected by trauma. School is a safe haven for trauma affected students that open many doors for them.


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