Expression and an Equation

  1. Please answer all of the questions below to receive full credit:
    1. Explain the difference between an expression and an equation.
    2. What are the directions when you have an expression?
    3. What are the directions when you have an equation?
    4. Give and label an example of an equation and an expression.
  2. 1. In BLAST, we don’t frequently look at the p value but rather focus on the E-score.  Why do we do this, and how is the E-score calculated?

    2. What are the three approaches to scoring MSAs?  Describe how each works

    APA format, 1 page, in-text citation, references include

  • Explain why an increase in sample size will reduce the probability of a type II error, but such an increase will not impact the probability of a type I error.
  • Support your reasoning using a scholarly source.

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Expression and an Equation
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