Experiments & Data Analysis: How they will analyze the problem

  • READ these directions
  • Read the Source Paper-Example
  • Note the following
    1. What problem are the researchers trying to solve?
    2. Abstract: This will give you a synopsis/overview of the entire article
    3. Hypothesis
    4. Experiments & Data Analysis: How they will analyze the problem
    5. Conclusions: What did they learn?
    6. Future goals: Usually in the last paragraph of the article, discusses what’s next for the scientific community?
  • Read the sample term paper. Note: All of the above points are included.
  • Browse through the Source articles in the Term Paper folder, decide on which on you would like to write you term paper about. Hint: Read through the abstracts and scan the experiments.
  • Once you have decided on your topic, follow these guidelines for format and content. You must answer these questions in detail
    1. Brief overview of the topic
  1. Discussion of the problem that prompted research
    1. Example: Brief history of disease
    2. Discovery & Who/what is effected
  2. Hypothesis of the research presented in the article
  3. Scientific methods utilized for solving the problem
    1. In detail, describe the basic biochemical principle behind each test. How is data obtained, what does it mean?
    2. Do not leave this out. Do an internet search to find more information about how/why each experimental method works and how the data answers the questions outlined in the hypothesis. Basic concepts must be discussed.
  4. Discussion of obstacles faced by researchers
    1. Did all of their experiments work? If not, why?
  5. Future goals of the research community
  • Page Setup
    1. Font: Times New Roman
    2. Font Size: 12
    3. Margins: 1” Top/Bottom Left/Right
    4. 5 Pages (complete)
    5. Double Spaced


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