Experience Design

Experience Design
This exercise is a little different than previous assignments. In this assignment you are
not designing a game but instead an “experience”, a real-life event that you will perform
for another person. An example idea: plan and cook a surprise dinner for someone.
The goal of this assignment is to spend time thinking about another person and create
an event for them that provides a pleasurable or nice experience. Some good examples
might be: surprising a partner with a homecooked meal, finishing a project or chore for
another person, or planning a special outing for someone.
Game design is about creating experiences which evoke pleasurable changes in
emotional states. Often gameplay is accompanied by tension, excitement, drama,
frustration, and finally relief. The idea here is to hone your skills as a designer, not just a
designer of games specifically but a designer of “experiences”. Game design is at its
core about creating a specific type of experience for a person. Spending time trying to
create a real-life experience helps you to think about what people might like or enjoy.
Your designed “experience” should make your chosen person happy. What exactly you
are going to do is up to you, but the focus needs to be on the other person: what they
would like; how to create a pleasurable experience for them.
Submit a description of your experience and the results of performing it to D2L.
• Who is the person you are designing this experience for?
• What is the experience you are creating?
• How did you make the experience special or memorable?
• Describe the recipient’s reaction to your experience – beginning, middle, end
• Is there anything you would do differently the next time?
To be clear: This is not a game design but creating a fun experience for another person,
doing the thing with them, and seeing how they like it.
Grading Rubric:
• B: A write-up of your experience design
• A: A thorough write up including the details about performing the experience

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