Expectancy Theory

What motivates you? Which motivation theory speaks to you the most and why? Write a minimum of 2-3 pages APA paper

please review the attached articles regarding motivation theory. this paper is a journal and only worth 1 point so you can be as flexible as you want and you don’t have to follow any format just make sure its minimum 2 pages and free of plagiarism

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Expectancy Theory
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Expectancy theory speaks to me the most and it explains exactly what motivate me. please elaborate on this theory in 2 pages.


Expectancy Theory

The expectancy theory of motivation suggests that when we are thinking about the future, we formulate different expectations about what we think will happen. When we predict that there will most likely be a positive outcome, we believe that we are able to make that possible future a reality. This leads people to feel more motivated to pursue those likely outcomes.

The theory proposes that motivations consist of three key elements:

  • Valence: the value people place on the potential outcome
  • Instrumentality: whether people believe that they have a role to play in the predicted outcome
  • Expectancy: the belief that one has the capabilities to produce the outcome


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