Expatriate Repatriation


Repatriation is the process of returning the expatriate to his or her home country once the foreign assignment is completed. Unfortunately, problems may arise with repatriation:

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Expatriate Repatriation
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1. Work readjustment: Returning home can be difficult in a work sense in that others may have been promoted, the returning manager is no longer a “big fish in a little pond,” and a job may not be ready upon their return

2. Personal readjustment: Expatriates may experience reverse culture shock when returning home. They may find that they have to relearn things they took for granted

3. Changes in personal finances: Most expatriates enjoy a rich lifestyle and returning home with fewer benefits and perks may be difficult.

There are ways to ease repatriation problems. Effective human resource practices for soothing re-entry includes placement in jobs that build on foreign experiences, a reorientation program and a corporate mentor who looks after expatriates’ interests while they are abroad.


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