Exemplification Discussion Board

This writing exercise is worth 20 points and includes both a main post and 2 replies.

Carefully follow the instructions below and make it your goal to earn maximum points as each assignment affects your average and total course grade.  See previous students’ advice in the Getting Started module about closely following instructions, meeting deadlines, and editing your work.

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Exemplification Discussion Board
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Your instructor may have your class write on the topic below as a way of showing examples, or the instructor may provide another option.


The term controversial means “giving rise or likely to give rise to public disagreement.” Our views are often shaped by our background, the views of our family members, our religious beliefs, our reading and exposure to various types of media, and our experiences. However, not everyone has the same background, family members, religious beliefs, exposure to media, and experiences. Thus, the views of any two people about any given topic can vary greatly.

For this discussion, you have two tasks. The first is to identify an issue that you feel is controversial. It could be a world issue, or it could be an issue unique to your own family or situation.


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