Evidence of Research

For today’s in-class 1AS assignment, you will be asked to present evidence of research you’ve done on 1984 and its modern-day connections. Today’s discussion board post focuses on the concept of surveillance (as it pertains to both 1984 and the modern world), but you are also welcome to explore other themes during class time — just make sure that your discussion board post meets the requirements as assigned.

By the end of today’s class, I would like you to submit “proof” that you have been utilizing both the traditional search engines and our campus’s academic databases to acquire new information about the connections between 1984 and the present day. This should include the following:

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Evidence of Research
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  • A minimum of three separate paragraphs/entries that provide a one-paragraph summary of each source you’ve found (do not copy/paste summaries or abstracts from the web!), as well as a brief explanation of how this content relates to Orwell’s novel and one of the themes therein.
  • An MLA citation for each source you discuss.

Your summary paragraphs should be at least 50 words each, amounting to 150+ words in total (not counting the MLA citations that you include)


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