Evidence-Based Practice for Nursing:

Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

You have found some database and looked at many websites. Now, we will look for other sources of information which may be available for your questions. Using the article “Evidence-based practice for nursing: Finding Evidence as a guide to find additional sources to support your findings about your PICO question. Be clear on how and why each source would be helpful in finding information about your question. Post your question, and complete a grid per the provided example to display the sources you found, and how they are helpful. Be sure to provide a reference list to support your articles since you only need to provide the name of your article in the grid. Post this information as an attachment to the discussion section for others to review and respond to.

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Evidence-Based Practice for Nursing:
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Sources of Information Name of each of your articles How it applies your question (is it supportive or not?) What are the limitations or bias? Does the information have power. In other words are there enough participants to support the information.
Journal Articles- Name the journal articles

Name the various websites

Experts: Name the Experts
Etc: Any other information please provide the name

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