Evaluation of Stationary Media

The first stationary media under examination is an online bulletin board. The title of the bulletin board is “Twice a Day Keeps the Dentist Away”. From the title, it can be inferred that the bulletin board is confined within dental care or dental health. In fact, it is in the category of dental care as indicated. Often, stationary media have certain or designated level. This particular online bulletin board, the suggested grade level is Kindergarten to grade 2 (K-2). The materials used include 6 by 4 inches rolled paper, border, punch out letter, pictures, behavior chart, labeled envelopes and sticky pads.
The goal of the online bulletin board is explicit and very clear. The board aims at delivering the message of good dental care with the emphasis that brushing at least two times a day is a perfect way of…..

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Evaluation of Stationary Media
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