Evaluating a Speaker Worksheet

This is a multi part assignment, each attached separate documents directions are specific. Please see attached. This is a writing assignment for Establishing an argument and Evaluating a speaker


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Evaluating a Speaker Worksheet
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Evaluating a Speaker Worksheet


In this lesson, you will review the transcript of a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about distracted driving to highlight some of the rhetorical devices used. Then you will view the video version of the PSA and pay particular attention to the word choice, points of emphasis, and images used to create effect and tone.  Make sure you include direct quotations from the public service announcement in the column of What the Speaker Says.


Element of
the Speech
What the
Speaker Says
Effect on
the Audience

What is the speaker’s claim?





Point of View

From whose point of view is the speech told?






What evidence is presented to support the claim?






What ideas are stated which are related to the claim?


What points are emphasized within the speech?






What is the tone or mood of the speaker?








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