Ethnographic Investigation

  1. Choose a place in which you will observe people in a public space such as a park, a station, a bus stop, a supermarket, a restaurant, a bookstore, or a café, for example.  (You will observe people at your home next week.)
  2. Observe and take notes about what is happening and what people are doing for 30 to 60 minutes at the site that you have chosen.  (Do not become an armchair anthropologist.)
  3. Going back to your fieldnote to see what information you have in your fieldnote. Remember, anthropologists try to understand culture holistically.  If you conduct your fieldwork at a bus stop in your hometown, for example, you may consider what types of people are using the bus system and why, the type of neighborhood you are in, the historical aspects of your chosen fieldwork site, and perhaps how racial and socio economic aspects of our society are intertwined and reflect on the availability of types of transportation, and how that affects people’s lives, for instance.
  4.  includes a description of your fieldnote and a reflection of your first fieldwork experience.  (Where, when, what time, weather condition, what you observed, and what is your thinking)


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