Ethics of Networking


400-600 words APA Format

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Ethics of Networking
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Being an effective practitioner or scholar in your field is heavily dependent on managing interpersonal relationships. At some point, you will need to reach out to your fellow professionals for advice, assistance, or possibly a job referral. Developing your network of personal contacts is vital.

  • Discuss your perspective on the ethics of networking.
  • Develop and present guidelines so that your networking activities are ethical.
  • Develop a strategy for networking in your field.
  • Present your strategy.
  • Discuss how you will execute your plan during the next 6 months.

400-500 words

  • Identify at least 5 associations or organizations that could be both a conduit to your ongoing contribution to your field, as well as support your career development.
    • Provide a description of each organization. Include the URL.
    • Which of these is the best fit for your career goals?
    • What benefits would your membership bring?
    • What steps will you take to either join the organizations of your choice or to step up your current involvement?


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