Ethics and Social Responsibility In Organizations

Instructions:  Using the company that you have chosen to study in the course, select an ethical issue/dilemma that your company is currently facing and complete the steps outlined below. Your assignment should be a 3-page paper using APA 6th edition + References

Step I. Describe the facts of the case.

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Ethics and Social Responsibility In Organizations
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What are the issues of the various stakeholders in this ethical dilemma?

  1. Who are the stakeholders?
  2. What is the position and obligation to each stakeholder?



Step II. Based on the theories/concepts presented in the text:

  1. How would you explain/describe/or categorize the ethical dilemma?
  2. What conflicting and competing values make this an ethical dilemma for the company?
  3. What standards did you use to determine that the issue was one of ethics and presented an ethical dilemma for the company?
  4. At what points or stages in the life cycle of the dilemma did the situation become one of ethics?

Step III. What is the right thing for the company to do in this case?

Has your company decided to do the right thing? If so, what difficulty will the company experience in solving the dilemma?

What makes it so difficult for your company to decide what is right to do?

  1. What moral obligations does the company have to its stakeholders:
  2. How can the company demonstrate that it is a socially responsive and responsible company?
  3. Ultimately, what is the company’s corporate social responsibility and how is it demonstrated (or not demonstrated) in the case?
  4.  Is it possible in this situation for the company to ever achieve a corporate social responsibility ideal?


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