Ethical Issues

What you should know

Chapter —Ethical Issues

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Ethical Issues
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  1. Compare and contract legal and ethical issues.
  2. What determines how a person approaches and solves ethical dilemmas
  3. Define moral indifference—provide an example
  4. Define moral uncertainty—provide an example from your own healthcare experience
  5. Moral distress—provide an example from your own health care experiences
  6. What is an ethical dilemma? Give an example
  7. Describe deontological approach to ethical decision making? What does this mean?
  8. Describe a teleological approach to ethical decision making? What does this mean?
  9. Compare and contrast the 4 different frameworks for ethical decision making
  10. What is autonomy—give an example from your experience
  11. Define the following terms—how have you used/understood these principles in your nursing practice?
  12. Beneficence
  13. Paternalism
  14. Utility
  15. Justice
  16. Veracity
  17. Fidelity
  18. Confidentiality
  19. What is the MORAL decision-making model—how does this work?
  20. Name important strategies to promote ethical behavior in healthcare.


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