Ethical egoism

Use of proper spelling, grammar, MLA citations plus inclusion of the pledge worth 10 points


  1. Ethical egoism is the theory that the only proper way to live is to be self‐interested, in other words, everyone isn’t necessarily self‐interested by nature, but one ought to be selfish. 5 pts

True    False

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Ethical egoism
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  1. Kant’s deontological approach is considered a consequentialist theory. 5 pts

True    False

  1. Mill included animals and women in the moral universe. 5 pts

True    False

  1. According to Dr. Benedict our views of right and wrong are culturally and not universally based. 5 pts

True    False

  1. According to Kant we should never act in such a way that we treat Humanity, whether in ourselves or in others, as a means only but always as an end in itself. 5 pts

True    False

  1. Psychological egoism claims that 5 pts
  2. most people will act selfishly if they think they can get away with it. B. people always ought to act selfishly.
  3. egoists have a psychological problem. D. people always act selfishly.


  1. Kant tells us that in order to be a moral/ethical person we must have a good will and follow our duties. Do you agree? Explain 10 pts.


  1. According to Aristotle, Bentham, Mill and others, happiness is the goal of many ethical theories. Given our discussions thus far, make an argument for one of the philosophers that you conclude has the right definition of happiness. 20 pts.


  1. Describe the theory of ethical relativism, and illustrate it with an example from the text. 10 pts.


  1. When, according to Ayn Rand, is it morally acceptable to save a drowning person? Explain and add your own comments. (be sure to reference the reading in the textbook) 20 pts..


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