Ethical Dilemmas

In a business context, ethical dilemmas may emerge when a person’s self-image is inflated to a point that he or she feels entitled to cut corners.

“Under certain circumstances, we give ourselves license to play a little faster and looser than we normally would. And we don’t realize how much the last decision we made can affect the next decisions we make.”

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Ethical Dilemmas
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Examine the following scenario: A homeowner wants to get the some work done on their home and hires a contractor to build an extension on their house. In the process of tearing down a wall, the contractor finds $80,000 in old bills. What decision(s) might they make?

A.     Place yourself in the shoes of the contractor: who do you tell about the money? Should the money be split? What’s a fair deal?

B.     Place yourself in the shoes of the homeowner?

Who are the stakeholders in this example?

What considerations might we take in to account?

What assumptions might we make or be making about participants in this scenario?

Who gets the money?


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