Establishment of Veteran Treatment Courts

Question 2

Read the following article before responding to the exam question, Serving our country to serving time: The rise and value of veteran treatment courts.

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Establishment of Veteran Treatment Courts
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Compose an essay in a minimum of 500 words, excluding the references, which is supported by a minimum of three (3) current, scholarly sources in which the in-text citations and references are formatted to APA – 7th edition.  Direct quotes cannot be used. Instead, paraphrase and cite.

There is obviously tremendous value in the establishment of veteran treatment courts, especially among those diagnosed with PTSD and/or a traumatic brain injury. Is there a need to create “First Responder Courts” given that many first responders, including those in law enforcement and corrections, suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD leading to many dying by suicide. Develop a persuasive argument both for and against the establishment of first responder courts.


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