Essay: The Narrative Argument

Assignment:Think of a time in your life when you encountered either an advantage or disadvantage in society and explain this event in your essay. Construct an argument that revolves around this event, one that connects your story to a wider problem others may face. In other words, use your personal experience to comment and argue about a larger problem in today’s society.
Research: Though this essay is predominately a narrative, you still need to connect it to a larger claim, one that can be backed up with research. Hence, this essay will require at least two scholarly sources. These can be found in the research databases or in scholarly books.
Format: MLA, 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, include a Works Cited page
Length:4-5 pages not including a Works Cited page
Additional Guidelines:Since this paper is a narrative, the use of typically informal pronouns, such as “I,” “me,” and “we” are allowed. However, make sure to try and keep your overall tone formal for an academic paper. Do not use slang/informal language unless it is part of dialogue that is pertinent to the narrative.
The outline/organization of your paper should follow one of these models:
The Sandwich Model:                                     The Weave Model:
Personal Story                                                 Personal Story
Wider Application                                      Wider Application
Personal Story                                                 Personal Story
Wider Application
Personal Story
Potential Topics (but brainstorm for more!):

  • How has your gender affected how people treat you in certain situations?
  • Describe an instance in your life where you were made very aware of your class position and what advantages/disadvantages you had because of it.
  • Think about how your race, age, or gender was stereotyped by someone in a way that affected your life or chance of success in the work force, education, an interest you enjoy, etc.
  • How has where you’re from or who your family is affected how people view you and/or your success as a student/professional, etc?

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Essay: The Narrative Argument
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