Essay Assignment on All the King’s Men.

For the second essay assignment you must write an essay of about 750 words (500 minimum, 1000 maximum) on the THE QUESTION “Was Willy Stark Democratic or Authoritarian?” Your essay should

  • provide brief definitions of democracy and authoritarianism
  • Explainone primary debate about democracy: who should be allowed to participate OR should it be direct or indirect, OR what should be the limits to powerin a democracy?
  • Explain one secondary debate about democracy that is related to the primary debate such as: is democracy a conflict between different interests or a search for the common good? If a lot of people don’t vote will it weaken democracy? Do checks and balances make a system more democratic or less?

Then use evidence from Willy Stark’s actions, (NOT JUST his or anyone else’s words) to illustrate the debateand support a position. As before your essay should

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Essay Assignment on All the King’s Men.
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  • have a clear THESIS STATEMENT somewhere in your opening paragraph in which you state the argument you are going to try to prove.
  • also have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion,
  • use paragraphs to separate points, ideally with topic sentences and transitions
  • a TITLE that reflects what your thesis is.
  • make reference to class readings, especially Shively, Sorensen and Schattschneider.
  • have a bibliography with the class readings you use, the title and version (date) of the film and any other sources you consult. Ideally you should not have to consult any outside sources.

You are free to exchange ideas with classmates and to offer suggestions on each other’s drafts but your writing should be done on your own. Any ideas taken from any source should be clearly indicated in a footnote. Any direct quotations should be placed inside quotation marks AS WELL AS indicating the source. (You do not need to provide a source for quotations from the film as long as your text indicates that it is from the film.)Every paper should also clearly indicate your name below the title, then the following:
submitted to
PS 101
<Instructor’s name>
University of Guam
As with the first paper: your essays should be TYPED in 12-POINT FONT, DOUBLE-SPACED, have MARGINS OF ONE-INCH all around, and have PAGE NUMBERS. Double-sided printing to save trees is encouraged but not required. You must include a table of references, properly cite all sources of ideas and quote all wording that is not originally yours. The paper should be submitted to the Turnitin box on Moodle by midnight on the due date.Your filename should follow the following format: <lastname.firstinitial.101ATKM>Hard copies should be brought to the next class session. There will be a late penalty of 3 points per day upto a maximum of fifteen points.


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