ERP and CRM are crucial management systems for an organization. Organizations use these two systems to enable them to achieve control and better their profitability. CRM is used in the management of the interaction of customers with the business, while ERP is used in the management of the whole business process. CRM plays a vital role in giving an organization customers’ data to enable them to make an informed decision about the customers they should engage in their dealings to ensure business profitability. Through CRM, an organization can also determine the performance of its sales team and strategies that it can use to better customer satisfaction. ERP also brings a number of advantages to the organization, such as improved business reporting, cost savings, better customer service, and reduced inventory costs. Because these two systems perform different functions, a company will need to have both. ERP will be used for financial data, while CRM will be used to gain customer data. CRM system will enable an organization to increase its sales, thus leading to profits, while the ERP system will enable smooth business operation that will reduce the overall costs. For this reason, both systems are needed for the optimal growth of a company.

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