ER Diagram

Final Project – Step 2: 10 points

Based on the idea you developed in step1, you will design the database and think of some interesting queries to answer:

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ER Diagram
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1) Draw an ER diagram (3 points) that represents the main aspects of your database. You

should have at least 3 entity-sets and at least 3 relationship-sets (you may have more, but for time constraints these are the minimum requirements) – as we discussed in Unit2.

2) Translate the ER diagram into the appropriate relational schemas (3 points) – as we discussed in Unit3.

3) Think of 5 queries (4 points) you find interesting to answer using your database – at least 3 queries need two or more tables to be answered (engage the Join operator) and 2 queries need the group by operator or nested queries technique to be answered. The developed queries are in both English (a short query description) and in SQL.

A. Use the tool (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint) you find appropriate to draw a clear ER diagram and relational schema diagram – DON’T submit hand drawn diagram.

B. Use the tool (e.g., Microsoft word) you find appropriate to write the queries– DON’T submit hand drawn queries.

C. Submit ONE PDF file to the folder titled Step 2 under the D2L Assignments tab, structured as follows: • In the first page, place your name and the name of your teammate (if you are working in a

group). • In the second page, a short description of your idea (from Step1) and why it is important to

have a database for it. • In the following page(s), place the developed ER diagram and the relational schema diagram • In the last page(s), place the queries along with a short description of each query


D. This step is due 10:00pm – November 14th. You can submit this step, within 24 hours after this due date, to be graded out of 75% of this step’s grade. After this grace period your late submission will not be accepted.


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