Enzyme Activity

Enzyme activity part a

Identify the following components of your study:

  1. What is the independent variable?


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Enzyme Activity
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  1. What is the dependent variable?


  1. What is your hypothesis?
  2. What do you predict will be the outcome of your experiment?

Enzyme activity part B

Answer the following questions about enzymes and proteins.

  1. Do proteins lose their tertiary structure when they are boiled? Why or why not?
  2. Do proteins lose their primary structure when they are boiled? Why or why not?

Record your results in Table 1 below.



pH of Solution Effect of Solution (Browning or no browning)






Lemon Juice  


  1. Based on your results above, which apple slice contained an active enzyme (i.e., the enzyme functioned)? What is your evidence?
  2. Which solution(s) was your positive control?
  3. Which solution was your negative control?
  4. What was the effect of changing the temperature on the catecholase reaction? Did the reactions still occur?


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