Environmental Science Question

You will need to find plant material to use as your subject ( photos are not allowed for references). Computer-generated images are not accepted. You are to choose to draw a realistic science illustration OR a fine art or graphic style drawing. These concepts are discussed in the lecture video. No matter which type of drawing you choose to create, you must draw a plant (ie tree, flower, root, fruit, vegetable) and it must be drawn showing shading and texture. We can arrange a time to meet in my office if you need feedback or email me if you have any questions. Also, doing the optional reading assignment listed in the syllabus would help as well. I have also posted examples of past student work.

Also, remember any drawings you do beyond those 3 that are required are considered extra credit. You can submit any extra drawings with any of the 3 required art assignments. Of course, they are not going to be worth the same amount of points but they are worth doing and it will give you valuable drawing practice.

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Environmental Science Question
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You are required to do your own drawings and not download them off the internet. This is plagiarism and is not tolerated. Also, doing so defeats the whole purpose of the assignments which is to experience the process of creating art no matter what your skill level. Again, I only grade you based on time, effort, and if the drawing includes the elements required for that assignment ie landscape showing distance, etc. If an image is plagiarized you will receive a 0 for all three assignments and the college will be notified.


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